NYPEN Transaction Risk Mitigation

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Have you ever failed to reach agreement with a seller on the amount of an escrow or the cap on indemnities? Have different views on the existence or extent of potential tax liabilities created a “value” gap that was too large to overcome or impacted your bid price?

The New York Private Equity Network (NYPEN) and Marsh, Inc. invite you to a workshop on July 27th to learn about ways that private equity funds are mitigating certain transaction risks through structured products that insure against many typical “hot-button” transaction-related risks. Escrows, indemnity caps and tax liabilities are only a few examples of transaction issues that can be mitigated. In some cases, the ability to overcome such hurdles can be a differentiating factor in a competitive situation, as reduced exposure can occasionally allow buyers to bid more aggressively in light of the lower risk.

Event Details:
*Date: Thursday, July 27th
*Time: 7pm-8:30pm (followed by cocktails)
*Location: Marsh Inc.'s office - 1166 Avenue of the Americas (45th Street between Avenue of the Americas and 5th Avenue)

Concepts to be Covered Include How to:
*Enhance your bid with limited escrow and indemnification requirements
*Reduce hold-backs when selling a business so that more capital can be distributed upon a liquidation event
*Reduce tax exposure in 355 Spin-offs and 338(h)(10) elections
*Minimize risks associated with: Fraudulent Conveyance, Regulatory Compliance, Intellectual Property Exposure, Successor Liabilities, Validity of Net Operating Losses and other exposures

Appropriate Audience:
Please note that this event, like all NYPEN events, is by invitation only and open exclusively to professionals at private equity and venture capital funds. If you have colleagues at your fund or at other funds who you would like to invite, please have them register for NYPEN membership at www.nypen.org. The registration process is very brief and, once registered, they will receive invitations to all future NYPEN events.

Registration is free, however is limited to professionals at private equity and venture capital funds.