NYPEN Legal Series - Equity Term Sheets Class

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NYPEN Legal Series Overview:
The NYPEN Legal Series, taught by Kirkland & Ellis, is designed to help investing professionals improve their working knowledge of structuring and documenting private equity and venture capital transactions. Attendees learn to focus on critical areas of interest for investors in reviewing definitive legal documentation, with an emphasis on identifying common pitfalls and opportunities to create value.

The Series is divided into three segments:
*Equity Investments (4 classes)
*Leveraged Buyouts (4 classes)
*Fund Formations (1 class)

You are welcome to attend any or all of the classes, as each will provide valuable information about the standard legal documents involved in the various transactions. Invitations to each event are sent in advance of each class and contain registration details.

Term Sheets Class Overview:
The Term Sheets Class is the first in a four-part series that provides a fundamental overview of the structuring and documenting of equity investments from the perspective of private equity and venture capital investors. The seminar will use a sample equity term sheet and will focus on key economic, liquidity, governance and other terms.

Future Classes:
The three following classes in the Equity Investment Series will address each of the primary agreements used to document equity investments, and will highlight for attending investors those concepts and specific areas of each document that should be of primary focus for investors in managing the documentation process and negotiating key terms.

Appropriate Audience:
This series focuses on the fundamentals of documenting equity investments. For investors who are experienced in the documentation process, the series will be a valuable review of the fundamentals and will be highly interactive, which will provide the opportunity to ask more detailed/advanced questions based on past experiences. For investors who have recently become involved in documenting transactions, these classes will provide a practical and applicable framework for navigating the documentation process and focusing on key points.