NYPEN: Working Capital From LOI to Exit

Invitation Link: http://guest.cvent.com/i.aspx?4W,M3,783212e0-6de9-40d2-a4ea-772de41ade05

The New York Private Equity Network (NYPEN) and Ernst & Young LLP will host an educational session, "Working Capital from LOI to Exit," which will be held on Tuesday, April 21, 2009.  The discussions will be led by Neil Harris, a partner in Ernst and Young's Transaction Support practice, and Al Sardo, a partner in Ernst and Young's Working Capital practice.  The session will center around accounting and business issues commonly encountered when assessing a Company's working capital needs and determining working capital targets for transactions.

What You Can Expect to Learn:
Discussion of various key accounting and business issues related to working capital including:
       - Analyzing a Company's working capital needs and ensuring working capital balances will be accounted for properly at closing.
       - Overview of working capital management post-closing in order to drive shareholder value.
       - Typical issues encountered when incorporating the results of working capital assessments into transaction documents, including working capital mechanisms.
       - Understanding the impact a Company's accounting practices may have on the working capital balance transferred at closing.
       - How to challenge a Company's existing working capital assessments in order to achieve efficiencies and allow working capital successes to finance strategic initiatives.    

Event Details: 
Date:  Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm (followed by cocktails)
Location:  Ernst & Young's Office, 5 Times Square (7th Ave b/w 42nd and 41st Streets)