NYPEN: Downturn? Don't Despair

Invitation Link: http://guest.cvent.com/i.aspx?4W,M3,eb1ab576-d5b9-4938-be5a-d877d99006e0

The New York Private Equity Network (NYPEN) and Bain & Co. are pleased to invite you to "Downturn? Don't Despair!" an education event addressing ways in which private equity investors can improve their portfolio companies during this challenging economic environment.  The event will be taught by several senior leaders in Bain's Private Equity Practice and will be held on Tuesday, April 28th at 7pm.

Session Overview:
Bain will provide their insights on what private equity firms are doing now to improve their portfolio companies.  The presenters will also share useful guidelines and planning tools to help investors determine the appropriate measures to employ to enable their portfolio companies to both survive the downturn and emerge stronger. 

Representative topics include: 
- What the top 50 private equity firms are doing differently to "step-up their game" across their portfolio 
- How to help portfolio companies position for the ongoing challenges of the downturn 
- Frameworks that can be used to help portfolio companies determine the most appropriate 'levers' to employ in managing through the downturn 

Event Details: 
Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 
Time: 7pm - 8:30pm (followed by cocktails) 
Location: Offices of Bain & Co.
Address: 3 Times Square (42nd St. and 7th Ave, the Reuters Building), 25th Floor