NYPEN: International Tax: Acquisition Case Study

Invitation Link: http://guest.cvent.com/d/1dq62f/4W

The New York Private Equity Network (NYPEN) and Ernst & Young LLP will host an educational session, "International Tax: Acquisition Case Study" which will be held on Wednesday, March 16th.

The discussions will be led by practitioners from Ernst and Young's Transaction Tax practice. The session will center around introductory tax and structuring concepts commonly encountered when planning for a cross-border acquisition.

What You Can Expect to Learn
Discussion of various structuring goals including:
- Minimization of post-acquisition group taxes (income and withholding) and phantom income
- Aligning acquisition financing with group earnings and providing maximum security to lenders
- Maximizing tax deductibility of transaction costs
- Minimizing transfer taxes
- Tax-efficient structure of management equity plan
- Allowing for an tax efficient exit (IPO, leveraged recap or trade sale)

Event Details
Date:  Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm (followed by cocktails)
Location:  Ernst & Young's Office, 5 Times Square (7th Ave b/w 42nd and 41st Streets)