Representative Firms
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A&M Capital Partners
Abbott Capital Management
Abernathy Group
Able Global Partners
Abraaj Capital
ABS Ventures
Access Industries
ACE & Company
ACI Capital
Actin Biomed
Advanced Capital
Advantage Capital Partners
Advent International
AEA Investors
Aegis Capital Group
AEP Capital
Aeterna Capital Partners
Aethon Energy
Aetos Capital
AGI Partners
Agility Capital
AIAC Investment Group
Aimara Capital
Aisling Capital
Akamas Ventures
Albion Alliance
Albion Investors
Alegro Capital Limited
Aleutian Capital Partners
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Alinda Capital Partners
Alinda Infrastructure Capital
Allegiance Capital
Allen Capital Partners
Allen Global Partners
Alliance Consumer Growth
Allianz Capital Partners
Allianz Private Equity Partners
Almanac Realty Investors
Alpha Square Group
AlpInvest Partners
Altamar Capital Partners
Altaris Capital Partners
Altaris Health Partners
Alterna Capital Partners
Altpoint Capital Partners
Altus Capital Partners
Ambient Capital
American Capital
American Express
American Industrial Partners
American International Group
American Securities
American Working Capital
Amur Capital Management
Amzak Health
Andersen & Company
Andor Capital
Angelo, Gordon & Co
Angler Capital Partners
Annex Capital
Anoakia Partners
Antarctica Capital
Antares Investment Partners
Anthem Capital
Anthos Asset Management
Anvil Global Partners
Apax Partners
Aperture Venture Partners
APG Asset Management
Apollo Global Management
Apple Tree Partners
Apprise Media
aPriori Capital
Aquiline Capital Partners
Arcano Group
ArcLight Capital Partners
Ares Management
Arevo Capital
Argentum Group
Argosy Partners
Arias Resource Capital Management
Arlon Group
Arrowhead Investment Management
Arrowhead Mezzanine
Arsenal Capital Partners
Arx Holdings
Ascend Venture Group
Ascent Biomedical Ventures
Ascent Real Estate Advisors
Astor Place Holdings
Atalaya Capital Management
Aterian Investment Partners
Atlantic Street Capital
Atlas Holdings
ATP Private Equity Partners
Atrium Holding Company
AUA Private Equity
Auda Advisor Associates
Audax Group
Augusta Columbia Capital Group
Auldbrass Partners
Avansis Ventures
Avenue Capital Group
Avista Capital Partners
AXA private equity
Axalon Ventures
Axiom Capital Management
Axiom Venture Partners
Azimuth Alternative Assets

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