NYPEN Events
NYPEN offers education and networking events where rising professionals within the private equity and venture capital industries can develop their investing-specific skills, share experiences, benchmark best practices and build networks of fellow investors that will benefit them throughout their careers.

Networking Events

NYPEN fosters the building of strong networks through private networking events that bring together the next generation of private equity leaders to connect and forge relationships that will serve them throughout their careers. NYPEN also hosts recreational events during the year, which allow members to unwind and enjoy activities around the city while continuing to make important professional connections.

Education Events

NYPEN's education events focus on practical and relevant subject matter that members can immediately apply to their professions, such as contract negotiation, management assessment, investment-specific tax & accounting training and legal document structuring and analysis. Presenters and panelists at education events feature today's foremost private equity leaders who have developed unparalleled expertise in their respective fields. Roundtable and panel discussion formats create intimate settings that foster worthwhile interaction between speakers and members.

Upcoming Events
June: NYPEN: Networking Event at Cafe St. Bart's

Past Events

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